About ME

My Business:

DANIELLE ZUMMO PHOTOGRAPHY  is a photography business in North Royalton, Ohio specializing in newborn, baby, child and family portraiture and was started in 2011.  My studio is designed especially for babies and children but can also accommodate families.  I offer a laid back, family oriented and FUN atmosphere.

A little bit about me…

Hello! My name is Danielle Zummo…I am a mama and wife first and foremost!  I have the BEST husband, a beautiful and super smart daughter and two handsome and silly little boys!  Second to that I am a a portrait photographer/business owner and I just have to say, I truly feel blessed every. single. day. that I have the ability to make my passion in life my career and business!! I am also eternally grateful for my absolutely brilliant husband and all of the support he has given me to live out my dream — he believed in my dream more than I did and he showed me how to dream even bigger!  <3

My inspiration…

In 1996, my beautiful daughter was born and the birth of my daughter sparked something in me — the desire to capture every precious moment of her little life!  At that time, I had a regular point and shoot 35mm camera and it soon became clear that this little camera could not possibly capture what I was seeing in my mind.  As a young single mom, I did not have the money to run out and buy a $1000 camera, like I wanted to, but I was determined to have one…and so I saved every penny that I could for the next two years.  Once I had my shinny new SLR camera, it was time to practice!  And practice and practice.  Throughout her entire life, my daughter was my muse — when she was born she inspired me to become a photographer, photographing her throughout her childhood taught me everything I know about photography and today, as I still practice new techniques, she so graciously allows me to do so with her as my subject.  Almost 20 years later, I realize that I have accomplished what I had originally set out to do — I have captured every precious moment of her life this far!